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Still fighting

i haven't posted here lately but those of you who know Emsnana is my bride and read her post know that the Gemzar has quit working. We took a few weeks off to enjoy the grandchildren and travel a bit, knowing the day of reckoning was coming. Her CA19-9 kept climbing and finally hit 10,000 as we were considering other options. She also has new tumors in the liver and abdomen. We finally decided to participate in a clinical trial at Emory University and were accepted. This is a drug which has shown promise in a number of solid tumors. It is given orally, along with traditional iv drugs. We started last week with the oral drug, which comes with the usual GI distress. We are optimistic and less overwhelmed than when we got the first diagnosis, but, again, we have no illusions. We still have our heroes like Susan and Rick to keep us hopeful. We have cleared the decks over the next several weeks to concentrate fully on managing treatment. The good thing about a clinical trial,is that you are followed very closely by an expert. Our nurse calls almost every day, so we feel that someone is really paying attention. Emsnana's quality of life is still high, nausea notwithstanding, so I am sanguine about having a good life over the next several months. I will keep you posted.

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yes..please keep us updated....did they ever do the Gemzar with the Abraxane? That is what Emilee started with, then went to Gemzar and eventually to folfiri and then folfox... what is the clinical trial drug if you can say?? My thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue on...
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We started wth both but they had to discontinue the Abraxane because of pneumonitis. The clinical trial drug is BBI608
they stopped abraxane because of neuropathy...stopped gem because of pneumonitis....
cancer stem cell inhibitor...hope and pray it works...previously used for gastric cancer and another but I dont rmember even tho I just looked it up...but you probably already know all this
Thank you for the update. So sorry to hear about the new spots. My husband is taking post surgery chemo right now and they had to reduce it to just Gemzar because his white cell count couldn't withstand it with Abraxane. Otherwise he was doing well and very active, even getting some running in. We are planning our spring vacation, a month in AZ is on the books. He should be done with treatment but if he has to have it, he can get it out there.

We wish you the best on all fronts. Please give Emsnana our love.
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You guys - like Laren and Nana - are amazing! I love that you just keep on truckin' and living your lives.....cancer be damned! 💜💪🏽
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We have paws and fingers crossed for success with the trial drugs. Our thoughts and prayers and with you. Hugs :*)
Keep fighting. I am on clinical trial 4. We keep fighting until they find a cure!
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Holding Emsnana, your family and all warriors, in constant prayer for comfort and strength. XO
If anyone can pull this off, it is you - Laren and Nana. I'm curious: have you ever been given the onivyde option? My husband started on gem plus xeloda, then went to gem plus abraxane - and then to 5-FU plus onivyde. This regimen worked for about a year and a half - and was still working (!) when he moved to the drug Lynparza that is designed for BRCA-positive cancers. Good luck and keep us posted!! 💜💪🏽
(PS: Rick and Kathy are my heroes too.)
I'm glad Nan is on a clinical trial and being followed so closely. There were a number of trials that have opened up recently from what I've heard. In the meantime, as you stated, you continue to live each day and enjoy to the best of your ability.
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This is us

Hello, everyone. I haven't posted for a while, mostly because there's not much to report, other than that we're still her! Emsnana is still alive and kicking, and she is about to get her second cataract surgery. The chemo has accelerated cataract formation, and she was delighted at the effect of having one eye repaired. She's even talking about driving!

I saw this cartoon yesterday,  but I couldn't figure out how to cut it and paste, so I've put in the web site instead. It so well captures our lives right now.



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Excellent! And thanks for the info on chemo accelerating cataract formation: good to know.
Have a great weekend. XO 💪🏽💜
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Glad to know you two are still living life together and doing things you like. Thanks for checking in with us.
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All my love to you both
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Sounds like GOOD stuff... thanks for the update...

when a ladybug lands on someone I always think it is good luck and also that there are spirits of loved ones around... I went to an outdoor (at the beach) yoga class this morning...and a ladybug landed on the woman in front of me... I felt like there were a lot of spirits keeping me company today.... just thought I would share that, and wish you lots of ladybugs and angelic spirits to surround your family...
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Glad to hear from ya'll! Hope you and your family enjoy Memorial Day weekend!
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Thank you for letting us know you are still with us and doing good. Glad you were/are able to get those cataracts fixed. Have one just starting out they told me a year ago and it may or may not grow more. Thank You for your post. Have a good holiday and enjoy.
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Now that you mention this Laren, I know of several people who had cataracts surgery within a year of chemo. I'm glad all is "status quo" with Nan. Got any trips planned with the kids?
This summer we're renting a cabin again. Wer trying to avoid long trips, but we're going to Santa Fe in the fall with my sisters.
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Thank you for the update Laren! Glad you are doing well.
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Hi Laren,
I had to have cataract surgery on both my eyes also. I did see better . But, because of being on Medicaid I had to choose whether I wanted to see close or far away. He did do one eye so I could at least see the computer but still need reading glasses. They do have it now where they can put a lens in and you can see perfect if you have the money or insurance. Please tell her I said hi and have a real good summer. The cabin sounds great.... Take Care, hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
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