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March 15, 2017


Today we started the first treatment of the second round of this series. I am happy to report that Emsnana's CA19-9 has gone down to 136, which is good news after completing one round after the break. So Gemzar has not started failing yet! We just got back from a pleasant week in Seattle, helping our oldest Seattle granddaughter celebrate her 16th birthday and meeting their latest family addition, Daisy the cockapoo. We were able to fly back in international business class, which meant lie-flat seats, which was a treat. So a very restful week indeed. After today's treatment, we went to our youngest daughter's for the weekend to,pick up our newest additipn, a wire-haired terrier mix. We had been talking about getting another dog to replace our recently departed Jack Russell. So we stopped at Best Friends animal rescue and picked up Rumor (my name). Of course I think part of my wife and daughter's plan was that I have a companion to keep me company over the next several years. Thus far Emsnana has defied the odds, so maybe she'll be around to help me care for Rumor😄. Of course, since she continues to respond to treatment, clinical trials are for the moment off the table. But I'm not complaining. It's been almost two years since her dx, and she continues to do well.

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So happy for the good numbers for Emsnana.
Sorry we didn't have better weather for you here in Seattle. I'm sure your new family member, Rumor will settle in soon, and be a lovely addition.
Hugs Jean
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Sounds like all positive news to me. Congratulations on adopting Rumor. Odds were meant to be defied; and when someone or something is daring you, all the better incentive. Enjoy your travels - and yours Rumor!
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Glad to hear all is well with this second round of treatment. It was nice to hear of your trip to see your granddaughter and family. I hope you both are enjoying the companionship of Rumor. Animals are great companions when you are sick or down. They seem to know when to be there for comfort.
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I am so glad Emsnana continues to do so well! May you both as a couple follow in our footsteps and get as many years out of gemcitibine-based chemo as we did (nearly six). And know that there are other therapies out there when gem ceases to work.....and still others in the pipeline. You guys ROCK.
Enjoy your children, grandchildren and animal-companions!
XO Sue💜💪🏽
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Hanging in there

We managed to get an 8-week break over Christmas and used it to travel to see some old friends and a few fun destinations. The kids and grandkids were here, which was great. Emsnana managed to recover from her fatigue, and we had a marvelous time with our friends and grandchildren. Of course, we watched her CA19-9 climb gradually, and when it reached 129 the team decided it was time to go back on Gemzar. We hope we will continue to have good results, but are always on the lookout for something else. We saw a report on NBC news about a woman in our area who was "cancer-free" after treatment with an experimental drug, bbi608. Very exciting! We contacted her and have done some initial investigations. Most of the clinical trials are closed, but the trials also require that the initial chemo has begun to fail. So we shall see! But I am optimistic about new things going forward.

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This sounds like good news. I hope for all of us things go forward with discoveries to help us with cancer.
Hugs, Jean
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You are proof people can go on living, even with cancer. I wish you both well.
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Praying for good results. I know this is a hard road for you two. Glad to hear you were able to spend time with family.
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So great that you got to take a break and visit with friends and family. The new drug sounds promising. Hope and optimism are such a wonderful thing.
Wonderful news! Options are always good. I hope you are able to get in trial.
I'm optimistic too. So many new pancreatic cancer drugs on the horizon. Let's just all agree to hang in there!
XO Sue💜💪🏽
I am glad to hear your CA-19 is lowering and that you got your best friend, Rumors, It is mans best friend and companionship. Don't know what I would do without mine. Been going blind since 5 y.o. and is 9 now and practically totally blind and very amazing. Do not know what I would do without her. She is my blessing.
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