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Hello, everyone. I haven't posted for a while, mostly because there's not much to report, other than that we're still her! Emsnana is still alive and kicking, and she is about to get her second cataract surgery. The chemo has accelerated cataract formation, and she was delighted at the effect of having one eye repaired. She's even talking about driving!

I saw this cartoon yesterday,  but I couldn't figure out how to cut it and paste, so I've put in the web site instead. It so well captures our lives right now.



Thomas, Susan J threw a punch at your cancer.
Thomas sent you a prayer.
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Excellent! And thanks for the info on chemo accelerating cataract formation: good to know.
Have a great weekend. XO 💪🏽💜
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Glad to know you two are still living life together and doing things you like. Thanks for checking in with us.
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All my love to you both
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Sounds like GOOD stuff... thanks for the update...

when a ladybug lands on someone I always think it is good luck and also that there are spirits of loved ones around... I went to an outdoor (at the beach) yoga class this morning...and a ladybug landed on the woman in front of me... I felt like there were a lot of spirits keeping me company today.... just thought I would share that, and wish you lots of ladybugs and angelic spirits to surround your family...
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Glad to hear from ya'll! Hope you and your family enjoy Memorial Day weekend!
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Thank you for letting us know you are still with us and doing good. Glad you were/are able to get those cataracts fixed. Have one just starting out they told me a year ago and it may or may not grow more. Thank You for your post. Have a good holiday and enjoy.
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Now that you mention this Laren, I know of several people who had cataracts surgery within a year of chemo. I'm glad all is "status quo" with Nan. Got any trips planned with the kids?
This summer we're renting a cabin again. Wer trying to avoid long trips, but we're going to Santa Fe in the fall with my sisters.
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Thank you for the update Laren! Glad you are doing well.
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Hi Laren,
I had to have cataract surgery on both my eyes also. I did see better . But, because of being on Medicaid I had to choose whether I wanted to see close or far away. He did do one eye so I could at least see the computer but still need reading glasses. They do have it now where they can put a lens in and you can see perfect if you have the money or insurance. Please tell her I said hi and have a real good summer. The cabin sounds great.... Take Care, hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
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Still Hanging in there!

I know I haven't posted lately, so I thought I'd bring you up to date on Emsnana's situation.    She started back on chemo after our Christmas/winter break, which was wonderful. She had a scan just before Christmas which indicated that her tumors were stable, so we  were happy to enjoy some time with the kids and grandchildren, and I had a meeting in DC which coincided with the cherry blossoms.  They were wonderful! . After the first month of treatments, she had a long-postponed cataract surgery. She had not been able to drive, and even reading became increasingly difficult. Those of you having treatment may know that chemo accelerates cataract formation, and if she did not survive I didn't want her also to be blind going into that "good night." The surgery went well, but the next week she came down with the flu! I suppose I should be grateful this happened while she was on break. She had had the flu shot, which may have helped, and the doc immediately put her on tamiflu. She got over that, but we had to postpone chemo another week. Tomorrow we will start again. She has not been feeling very good the last week and has some abdominal pains, which terrifies me. So pray for us that this is just a coincidence and that chemo will continue to fight this horrid monster in our midst. I am happy to report that we have passed the second anniversary of dx. If all goes well, we will get the other eye fixed in June.

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Susan J, Nancy threw a punch at your cancer.
5 people sent you a prayer.
Sign in or sign up to post a comment. prayers... always a mixture of emotions postponing chemo...a reprieve for another week, yet also a postponement of treatment...such a nasty position to be in...comfort/discomfort/comfort/discomfort.... you got my prayers
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She is a brace warrier, so are you. Sending prayers.
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I'm glad Nan will be able to read! I also got the flu shot and was in bed/Jammie's for 4 days. Went out on Sunday for first time. The shot protected us a little. Blessings on starting up chemo. Tummy could hurt from coughing and the flu. And I'm happy about the two year anni!
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Better for her to regain her strength before venturing back into chemo. Our oncologist believes in frequent chemo breaks, and even lowers the chemo dose when my man is feeling sub-par.
Congratulations on enjoying a chemo-free Christmas, time with family, stable disease, and hitting that two year milestone. You guys are awesome......
XO Sue💜💪🏽
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Thinking of you guys. I hope she feels better soon. Take care of yourselves.
Hugs Jean
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Everyone I know that has had the flu this year has had the flu except me and I had a little pneumonia again. Good stuff that knocks you down. Thank god it did not get as bad as it was when I was getting chemo.
glad you enjoyed your Christmas break chemo free and got to see the young ones, hopefully.
Pray that her tumors stay stable and/or shrink some.
Wish you all the most imminent luck with your journey and a good day .
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