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The last time I posted we were confused about having a PET vs. CT scan. The oncologist agreed to do a PET scan, although we had a long discussion about the merits of one vs the other and I felt better about her recommendation. The PET scan showed no growth in the tumors (whoopee!) and the CA19-9 has stayed stable. So the onc agreed to another extended chemo break. Emsnana had been at the breaking point again, and it was great to have the time to recover. The kids all came in for Christmas, so we had a wonderful time together. We will check the marker level in another week and decide when to begin chemo again. We also have submitted blood work for a BRCA2 gene marker test, since my wife has a cousin with the defect, and long-duration PC survivors often have that defect. Go figure. 

Of course, life goes on. I have a bad heart, and I always expected to go first. I'm the one with all the life insurance! I have been ignoring that, but I have an aortic aneurism that I've been watching, and tomorrow I have to get a CT scan for that. If it's too big, I will have open-heart surgery soon. So pray that it hasn't increased in size! I know many of you have to handle cancer and other serious life issues as well. Cancer unfortunately doesn't put everything else on hold. I'm not worried about dying, but I promised my bride I would stick around for her. She's definitely earned it.

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Paws and fingers crossed for you both xx :*)
Sending hopes and dreams for you and Emsnana!
Love and hugs, Jean
Here's hoping you are stable. Fingers and toes crossed out your CT scan tomorrow.

Glad to hear that your bride is getting a break.

Lauren, I am so happy to hear that your bride is "stable!" I will send prayers for a healthy outcome to your tests. I know that caring for a love one does put stress on our bodies. Take care and know we are praying for you.
Prayers and dreams for all of you!
I know this is so very hard on you and on Emsnana. I look forward to the day when science meets up with genetics for prevention and cure.
You just reminded me of something I forgot to mention in my latest update: the fact that my man has just been found to have BRCA-1. He was tested very early on - soon after his pancreas cancer diagnosis seven years ago - and nothing of any genetic note was found to exist. This early testing was done by a private company called Foundational Medicine. Fast forward to summer 2016, and MSKCC did their own more up-to-date germline testing on his tumor at the behest of his oncologist Dr O'Reilly, who has continued to be impressed by his extraordinary long-term survival. And BRCA-1 was found this time! Dr O'Reilly has authored articles on this subject, the latest of which deals with the question of possible differing treatment strategies for BRCA patients. My own very limited review of the literature really raises my hopes that a BRCA mutation - especially found fairly early - could have profound treatment and survival implications. I'm really glad Nana is being tested.
Fingers crossed for both of you! Good luck on your own scan, Loren
XO Sue 💪🏽💜
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You're conversations must go like ours..."If you go before me..." For a long time it looked like I would be the first to go. I experienced a severe stroke 12 years ago. I recovered after a heart procedure. Life throws curve balls and keeps us on our toes.
An update! CT scan shows no progression of my aneurism. So I can continue to devote my attention to my dear wife. She's doing well, on chemo break, so we will g,to the beach Friday. Yay!
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Awesome news! I hope you kids had a blast at the beach!!
A chemo break is great news! Sorry to hear about your heart issues, I pray the tests go well!
No heart surgery for now. Yay!
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